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Phyllis Otis was Johnny Otis' first wife.

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Q: Who was Johnny Otis's first wife?
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Where was johnny benchs first wife from?

south carolina

Was Johnny Depps wife British?

His first wife Lori Allison was American and his present wife is French.

Was Johnny Maestro married?

Yes, Johnny was married to his second wife, Grace Mastrangelo, for nearly 25 years when he passed away in 2010.

Who was johnny maestro first wife?

My best friend Angela DeSimone was Johnny Maestro's cousin. We would go and listen to him rehearse at his house in Staten Island (1964) and that is where I met his first wife, Alma-Jean.

Does johnny Christ have a wife?

Johnny Christ does not currently have a wife.

Which famous actor got Johnny Depp his first acting job?

Nicholas Cage is the one who helped him out, they were introduced by Johnny's first wife in LA.

Who was Johnny Otis's wife?

Johnny Otis' wife's name is Phyllis.

Who was johnny depps first wife at the age of 22?

Lori Anne Allison

What is the first name of Johnny Cash's wife played by Reese Witherspoon on film?


Did johnny tillotson marry?

Yes, he did marry. Not sure of first wife's name, but second wife is named Nancy. He had two children, a son and daughter. The daughter died in 1991 in car accident.

How did Johnny Depp first become interested in movies?

His first wife was in the industry which is when the 'acting bug' bit Depp.

What positions in favor of revolution are argued by sam Adams and James Otis how does johnny react to Otiss words?

Adams supports revolution partially because of a desire for revenge; Otis wants a revolution because it will give the colonists the chance to stand up for themselves,"a man can stand up." Johnny at first supports Adams, as he desires revenge rather than forgiveness. Later, Johnny is moved by Otis' desire to fight for the rights of his fellow man.