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Iolaus was Hercules nephew.


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Q: Who was Hercules' nephew?
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Who was one of Hercules friends?

Iolaus, his nephew.

Is Iolaus Hercules's nephew a god?

No. He is the son of Iphicles, Hercules's mortal half brother.

How were Hercules and King Eurystheus related?

King Eurystheus and Hercules were related because.... Hercules was King Erytheus Eurystheus nephew. Thx for reading!

What is the relation between Achilles and Hercules?

Hades and Zeus are brothers; Hercules is a son of Zeus and, as such, a nephew of Hades.

What is the name of Hercules cousin?

Eris, Eros, Hermaphroditus, Zageus, Oenopion, and Atys were all nephews of Hercules.

Who saved theseus from hades?

Hercules, son of Zeus - nephew of Hades and brother of Persephone.

Who is herculs nephew?

Eris, Eros, Hermaphroditus, Zageus, Oenopion, and Atys were all nephews of Hercules.

How was the hydra killed?

Hercules with the help of his nephew Iolau. However the fight may still be deemed fair as the Hydra had the aid of Cancer (the crab.) Through a complex series of later events it is the venom of the Hydra that eventually kills Hercules.

How many tasks was Hercules given to perform in total?

Hercules was given 12 labors to perform in total. The original number was ten, but King Eurystheus added two more because he thought two of the original ten didn't count: Hercules received the help of his nephew Iolaus in slaying the Hydra, and received payment for cleaning the Augean stables/ the rivers her diverted into the stables did all the cleaning for him.

Who is your nephew sister?

Your nephew's nephew is the son of one of your nephew's brothers or sisters. He is your great nephew.

What is my nephew's nephew to me?

Your mother's (mom) nephew is your answer.

What is a term for my nephew's son?

Your nephew's son is your grand nephew or great nephew.