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ummm no idea Your mom

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Q: Who was Chris Perez get remarry to?
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When did Chris Perez remarry?

He remarried a woman named Vanessa in 2004.

Is chris Perez single?

No, chris Perez is not single.

How did chris Perez die?

Chris Perez guitarist/selena's husband is not dead.

Did Selena's husband marry her sister?

No, Chris Perez, the husband of Selena, did not marry her sister after she died. Chris became very depressed after the death of his wife and didn't remarry until 2001. He divorced his second wife in 2008.

How many children does chris Perez have?

chris Perez has 2 children

Does chris Perez have children?

Yes, chris Perez has 2 kids.

Does chris Perez have kids?

Yes, chris Perez has 2 kids.

How many kids does chris Perez have?

chris Perez has 2 children

Who is selenas husband?

she is not married Selena Gomez isn't Married. but Selena Quintilla's husband's name is Chris Perez

What is chris Perez's occupation?

chris Perez is a/an Guitarist songwriter singer author

When is chris Perez's birthday?

chris Perez was born on August 14, 1969

Who is Selena Perez husbend?

Chris Perez