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Lila Burpee

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Q: Who teases Julia about her clothes on woozworld?
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Where to get free clothes at woozworld?

you get free clothes from me on woozworld my name is miko12390

How do you get free clothes on woozworld?

ask a good woozen on woozworld to get free.add me on woozworld miko12390 ill give you free

How can you earn wooz and beex in woozworld?

You can earn wooz and beex in woozworld by doin objectivz (tasks), and by selling clothes or objects. If you are a V.I.P., you might be able to get free clothes and free wooz on a daily basis. Add me on woozworld. I have three accounts. josmelin, zendayawestbury,cooliolg

What did Julia Ward Howe wear?


How do you get clothes on woozworld?

you click on the clothes you want to wear and it should have a shirt and then you click the shirt and it will put it on you! im lily1cool plzz add me

How do you be giant in woozworld?

wear giant clothes and fox head! i also want to know the ans.-sigh-

How do you turn self into a wolf on woozworld?

I'm not if your meaning, buying a woozpet or clothes. But you can't turn yourself into a wolf, withous the clothes. And there is now woozpets you can buy :)

Julia loves clothes and hopes to work as a fashion designer one day. What is an example of an artifact for Julia?

a picture of julia wearing the first dress she designed

What are siberia's imports and exports?

clothes . because they use fur to make coats . ADD ME ON FB (LANICE WOOZWORLD)

How do you change outfit in woozworld?

To change your outfit, or clothes, click on the backpack icon at the bottom of your woozworld browser. Once that is opened, you will see a box that says inventory. Click on the t-shirt in that box. If u have any clothes to change into, they will appear, however, if u have no clothes, it will say something like You have no clothes in your inventory If u do have clothes, click on the item of clothing you wish to wear, then a side box will appear, click on the button next to the picture to wear

How do you save Mya Wooz from the Woozband in Woozworld?

Wear Mya's head, her clothes and everything you can wear that's pink or red.

How long does it take to create your woozworld account?

It is super easy!! All you do is pick the clothes you like, your hair and otheer stuff so around like 1 or 2 minutes!! that's it! ok see ya in woozworld haha bye