Who started the Russian mafia?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Who started the Russian mafia?
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What is a Russian mafia?

the Russian mafia is a very powerful organization sure wouldn't wanna mess with these guys or any other mafia.

What is the best mafia that was ever established?

Russian mafia. They are everywhere.

What is the most deadly gang?

The mafia that originated from russia so the Russian mafia of the Italian mafia is to or the Mexican mafia

Who is stronger Russian mafia or Italian mafia?

Italian Mafia, They have more Connections and alot of power.

Is there a mafia movie called burning rubber?

yes with russian mafia

What is the most powerful world mafia?

The Russian mafia is the 2nd most powerful mafia in todays world. The Italian mafia is the most powerful mafia in the world

How violent is the Russian mafia?

den dræber

Is there a Russian Mafia in Denver?

yes they will kill you

Why does waldo hide?

He borrowed money from the Russian Mafia.

What is the top leader of Russian mafia called?

The Don.

When did La Gran Mafia start?

La Gran Mafia started in the 1950's in Southern Cali.

Is daniil part of the Russian mafia or triads?

There is no record of Daniil being part of the Russian mafia or Triads, that does not mean he does or does not have involvement. He is not currently on any lists as a member of that faction.