Who signed the new boyz?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: Who signed the new boyz?
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What is the new boyz record label?

they are signed to WarnerBros.

How was legacy from new boyz discovered?

Both Legacy and Ben J were discovered through Myspace and were later signed to a label.

Who signed Boyz II Men?

Michael Bivens

When was New Boyz created?

New Boyz was created in 2008.

What was new boyz first record?

the new boyz first record was "your a jerk"

Anyone like the new boyz style?

Yes i love new boyz!

Is new boyz ben j a virgin?

No BenJ from new boyz is NOT a virgin

One of the New Boyz dead?

No, none of the members of New Boyz are dead.

Why do the new Boyz named themselves New Boyz?

At first they were the Swagger Boyz but then Dom(Legacy) went to a different school and liked being the New Boy so then BenJ wanted to be a new boy too so...they're the new boyz:)

Did the new boyz start in Chicago?

No, New Boyz started in Los Angeles, California.

Who is ben j from the new boyz?

Ben j from the new boyz is earl benjamin

Who produced your a jerk - new boyz?

mat alonzo diected it and yes it was new boyz!!!