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A personal Non owners insurance policy is only recommended for licensed drivers who do not own a vehicle and do not have regular access to a vehicle. Non Owners Insurance does not cover owned but non-registered vehicles. Non Owners coverage forms are designed to provide a level of security when operating a non owned vehicle. One may not always know if the owner of a loaned vehicle has appropriate coverage. Many a well intentioned driver have found out only after receiving a citation that the vehicle they were operating was uninsured. The policy can also provide additional coverage if one prefers a higher level of protection.

This type of coverage is generally limited in it's scope of coverage and provides no comprehensive or collision coverage for damage to the non owned vehicle being operated. The coverage also will generally not extend to the operation of vehicles owned by family members and household residents due to the access restriction. This personal lines coverage will also not extend to the use or operation of commercial or other employer provided business vehicles nor any vehicle for hire. Personal Non Owners is considered secondary or excess coverage to an insurance policy provided by the vehicles owner and will only act as primary coverage in the absense of any other.

Non Owners coverage forms are designed to provide an additional level of security in today's busy world when operating a non owned vehicle.

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Q: Who should purchase non-owner's car insurance?
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