Who purchased Gulf Life Insurance Company?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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American General Life

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Q: Who purchased Gulf Life Insurance Company?
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What life insurance co purchased continental life insurance company incorporated?


Who bought Interstate Life and Accident Insurance Company of Chattanooga Tennessee?

AIG purchased Interstate Life and Accident Ins Co Interstate was owned by parent company, TIC, which was purchased by Gulf United, a mother company of other ins. companies. Gulf United was purchased by American General Life & Accident Ins. Co., which was then purchased by AIG. So, yes, technically you could say AIG bought Interstate, BUT, it was done indirectly, not a direct, individual purchase.

What company did seaboard life insurance company buy?

I am not aware of Seaboard Life Insurance Company buying any company. In 1999 Industrial Alliance purchased Seaboard Life Insurance Company. They were then merged with Industrial Alliance Pacific.

What company bought progressive life insurance company of red bank NJ?

Unity Mutal Life the phone number is 3154487000 they are out of NY

Is there a Life of Virginia Insurance Company?

There was a Life of Virginia insurance company, however, it was purchased by first colonly life insurance, which was then bought by GE. GE spun off it's insurance unit to an independent company in 2006 called the Genworth Life Insurance Company. So, in a nutshell, Life of Virginia is now Genworth Life

What insurance company purchased Brookings International Life Insurance Company?

I have an old policy from Brookings Internationa life ins co. How do I learn more about them or contact them?

Is there still a united investors life insurance?

They were purchased by Protective Life Insurance Company on 7/1/2012. Protective is currently in the process of being purchased by a Japanese company, The Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited. As of 11/15/2014, that deal was still being processed and has not been formally complete.

Is there still a life insurance company named Citizens Home Insurance company?

Citizens Home insurance Company was a family members company as well. We have an assumption certificate that states the Independent Life and Accident Insurance company in Jacksonville, FL effective September 8, 1981. I have googled the Independent life and Accident Insurance and this is what I have found: In 1997 Independent Life and Accident Insurance company merged to American General Life and Accident as well as Home Beneficial Insurance Company and Gulf Life Insurance Company. American General Life and Accident Insurance Company was acquired by AIG in 2001 You can visit their website at Hope this helps.

What is the difference between Virginia Life Insurance Company and Life of Virginia Insurance Company?

I have never heard of a company called Virginia Life Insurance, but I have done business in the past with Life of Virginia. However, they are no longer called Life of Virginia, because they were first purchased by First Colony Life Insurance company, and then they were bought by GE. They all now fall under the umbrella of Genworth Life Insurance.

What life insurance company bought life insurance company life of Virginia?

Life of Virginia was first bought by First Colony Life, then they were purchased by GE, who in turn became Genworth Life Insurance. Confusing huh? For more info..........follow the link below.

Is there a such life insurance company as federal life insurance company?

There is an insurance company called Federal Life Insurance Company.

Is the Standard of America Life Insurance Company still a valid life insurance company?

Looks like it was purchased by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company in Milwaukee, then on to Fort Dearborn Life. Inquiries should by addressed to 300 E. Randolph Street, Chicago 60601, 800-348-4512