Who promotes health?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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This is a bit of an open ended question, and could really include a whole lot of different types of people. You would first think of doctors, fitness instructors, natural health companies, organic food producers and especially nutritionists. With the debate over health care taking over the center of congress' agenda, one could even say our government promotes health too. One could easily say the opposite though.

So why isn't anyone calling for more nutritionists. Unlike doctors, who fix you when you have already sustained an ailment, nutritionists and dietitians are there for you to prevent many of these diseases, from Heart disease, Diabetes and hypertension to back and neck problems, joint problems and other complications from being overweight, obesity and poor health.

So one would have to say that a nutritionist or dietitian, more than anyone else, promotes health.

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Q: Who promotes health?
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How can I use promotes in a sentence?

Brushing your teeth regularly promotes good oral health. This firm promotes from within.

what are the positive and negative impacts of primary group on health?

positive impact it promotes satisfaction to psychological needs which promotes good mental health.

How can liquor effect your excretory?

Alcohol is a diuretic and promotes excretion. This promotes good bladder health.

Is karate harmful for health?

Karate is a form of exercise, which is beneficial to health. It promotes strength, balance, stamina and flexibility.

What are the health benefits of walnuts?

Intestinal health and promotes good microbial activity. A key ingredient in parasite cleanses.

What are the health benefits of black walnuts?

Intestinal health and promotes good microbial activity. A key ingredient in parasite cleanses.

What are the benefits of resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and promotes heart health as well as brain health and is found in peanuts and wine.

What are some good effects of soccer?

Soccer, promotes good health, strong heart, lean muscles, and great social interactivity. Also it promotes leadership.

Does a diet high in lipids promotes overall health and well being?

Nope. Its actually not so great for you. It raises the risk for heart disease.

What is the American Holistic Health Association?

The American Holistic Health Association promotes awareness of health with loads of information and resources. You can check out their website if you'd like.

Is smirnoff vodka bad for your body?

Drinking any alcoholic beverage in moderation promotes good cardiovascular health in particular and good overall health in general. It also promotes greater longevity. However, abusing any alcoholic beverage is to be avoided and can have negative health and safety consequences. That's bad for your body.

HIPAA protects individuals wanting to change health plans?

Hipaa promotes portability thus protecting individuals wanting to change health plans.