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he plays tom felton

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Q: Who plays peagreen clock in the borrowers?
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Is Tom Felton in the borrowers?

yes, he played peagreen

In The Borrowers- In which part of the house do the borrowers live?

Under the big clock

What is arrietty's surname in the borrowers?


In the books by what name are pod homily and arriety better known?

the borrowers, Clock is their last name

What actors and actresses appeared in The Borrowers - 1973?

The cast of The Borrowers - 1973 includes: Eddie Albert as Pod Clock Judith Anderson as Aunt Sophy Tammy Grimes as Homily Clock Barnard Hughes as Mr. Crampfurl Dennis Larson as The Boy Dan McIlravey as Tom Karen Pearson as Arrietty Clock Beatrice Straight as Mrs. Crampfurl Murray Westgate as Ernie

What is the borrowers surname in a book writen by Mary norton?

The borrowers surname in Mary Norton's book is Clock. They are a family of tiny people who live under the floorboards of an English house and "borrow" things from the human inhabitants to survive.

What is the description for arrietty clock in the borrowers?

Arrietty Clock is a character in the book series "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton. She is a tiny, resourceful girl who lives with her family under the floorboards of a house and "borrows" things from the human inhabitants to survive. Arrietty is brave, curious, and adventurous, and forms a close bond with a human boy named Tom.

What is the surname of the central family in The Borrowers?

The 1952 children's fantasy novel, written by Mary Norton, centered around the "Clock" family of tiny people.

How did Tom Felton get the part of Draco Malfoy?

Tom Felton started his acting career through adverts like Commercial Union and Barclaycard. He was the voice of James in the 1995 TV show "Bugs" and his first film role was Peagreen Clock in the 1997 film "The Borrowers". His rise to fame really began, however, when he was cast as Draco Malfoy in the book series turned film series "Harry Potter".

What is a borrowers slip?

it is a borrowers slip

Who is the author of the borrowers?

Mary Norton wrote The Borrowers.

What is an azan clock?

An azan clock is a clock which plays the azan (Muslim call to prayer) at the time of a prayer. It has all the features of a normal alarm clock too & you can set the clock to the prayer times in your locality.