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Q: Who plays laurie in fat albert?
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Did Jennifer Lopez ever play in the fat Albert show?

no she plays in chanel 7 news

What is fat albert's real name?

Fat Albert. his real name is Albert Michael read.

How much did fat albert weigh?

Fat Albert is a cartoon character.

When was Fat Albert released?

Fat Albert was released on 12/25/2004.

What was the Production Budget for Fat Albert?

The Production Budget for Fat Albert was $45,000,000.

Why did Bill Cosby make fat albert?

He created Fat Albert in 1972.

When was Fat Albert - album - created?

Fat Albert - album - was created in 1972.

What is the duration of Fat Albert film?

The duration of Fat Albert - film - is 1.55 hours.

Who plays Gregory house?

Hugh Laurie

Who are TV's fat people?

Fat Albert

When was Fat Albert Rotunda created?

Fat Albert Rotunda was created on 1969-12-08.

When was Fat Albert - film - created?

Fat Albert - film - was created on 2004-12-25.