Who plays george bailey?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Jimmy Stewart

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Q: Who plays george bailey?
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What was Jimmy Stewart's name in It's a Wonderful Life?

George Bailey.

When was George Bailey born?

George Bailey Sansom was born in 1883.

What position does Allen Bailey play?

Stedman Bailey plays for the St. Louis Rams.

When did George Bailey Sansom die?

George Bailey Sansom died in 1965.

When was George Bailey Sansom born?

George Bailey Sansom was born in 1883.

When was George Edwin Bailey born?

George Edwin Bailey was born in 1879.

When did George Edwin Bailey die?

George Edwin Bailey died in 1965.

When was George Bailey - cricketer - born?

George Bailey - cricketer - was born in 1982.

In It's a Wonderful Life what does George Bailey do for a living?

George Bailey is Executive Secretary of the Bailey Building and Loan Company.

What has the author George Bailey written?

George Bailey has written: 'Daredevils over Niagara'

Are George Bailey and Tim Bailey weatherman brothers?

Yes they are George is 30 and Tim is 43

When was George Bailey - footballer - born?

George Bailey - footballer - was born on 1919-07-05.