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Q: Who plays Andy Clyde on dear dumb diary?
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Is dear diary spelled Dear Diary or Dear diary or dear diary in a diary entry?

It is spelled Dear Diary.

Who is the author of dear dumb diary?

Jim Benton is the author of "Dear Dumb Diary".

What is a diary opener?

A diary opener is the very first entry in a diary or journal. It typically sets the tone for what will follow and may include the date, location, and initial thoughts or feelings of the writer. It serves as an introduction to the diary itself.

Who writes the book Dear Dumb Diary?

Jim Benton writes the Dear Dumb Diary series

When was Andy Williams' Dear Heart created?

Andy Williams' Dear Heart was created in 1965.

Will there be a dear dumb diary 13?

yes there will be a dear dumb diary number 13 its called year 2

When was Dear Diary - FM Static album - created?

Dear Diary - FM Static album - was created in 2008.

What is the mane charictor called in dear dumb diary?

Jamie Kelly is the main character in Dear Dumb Diary

Is there going to be a dear dumb diary movie?

There is going to be a Dear Dumb Diary movie according to, but there is nothing on any movie sites with the title "Dear Dumb Diary" or any of the book titles.

What are the release dates for Dear Diary - 2008?

Dear Diary - 2008 was released on: USA: 17 October 2008 (internet)

What actors and actresses appeared in Dear Diary - 2008?

The cast of Dear Diary - 2008 includes: Chris Kelsch as Lead

Why does Dear Dumb Diary have the title it has?

the character thinks its a dumb diary