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Julian Morris plays Wren
Julian Morris

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Q: Who plays 'Wren' in 'Pretty Little Liars'?
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Who does Spencer go out with in Pretty Little Liars?


Do Wren and Spencer from Pretty Little Liars start dating?


Who does Spencer fall in love with in the show Pretty Little Liars?


In the pretty little liars novels did Spencer really sleep with wren?

Yes she did.

Who is Wren from Pretty Little Liars?

He's spencer's sister's ex-fiance.

Does Wren die in Pretty Little Liars?

Yes he is adorable and the British accent helps!

What episode was Wren in during the Pretty Little Liars first season?

Wren was in season 1 episode 4 and then comes back in season 2 episode 2

What is the name of the fourth book in Pretty Little Liars?

Killer is the name of the sixth book of the Pretty Little Liars series.

What is Wren's last name from Pretty Little Liars?

In the books his last name is Kim In the TV series his last name is Kingston

How many of Melissa's boyfriends did Spencer kiss on Pretty Little Liars?

Spencer kissed two of Melissa's boyfriends, Ian and Wren

What episode on Pretty Little Liars does Spencer sleep over at Wren's house?

Season 2 Episode 21 Breaking The Code

Who is Wren in Pretty Little Liars?

Melissa's fiancé/ spencer's crush...... Well later on Melissa see's Spencer and Wren kissing and then Wren and Melissa decide to break up but, Spencer still like him and he still liked her so they secretly date but later on they break up.*Wren, is Melissa Hasting's ex-boyfriend. They were planning on moving in together until Wren was caught having an affair with Spencer Hastings, Melissa's younger sister.wren is Mellissa's (Spencer's sister) boyfriend