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Jeannie Russell played as Margaret Wade who was Dennis' nemesis in the TV series .

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Q: Who played the tomboy friend of Dennis the Menace in the TV series?
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Who played Dennis in the original TV series Dennis the Menace?

Jay North played the child, "Dennis", in Dennis the Menace.

What child actor played Dennis the menace?

Jay North played Dennis the Menace on the original TV series. Mason Gamble played Dennis on the big-screen movie adaptation.

Where will you find Dennis the menace?

You'll find him on The Beano or on the TV Series Dennis the Menace.

Dennis the Menace began as an animated television series?


What overalls does Dennis the menace wear?

Dennis usually wears bib front overalls in the TV series .

What genre was the 1996 TV series All-New Dennis the Menace?


One who is always creating trouble?

A trouble maker.Or as in the cartoon series, "Dennis the Menace".

What is the Name of Dennis the menace's mom?

In the original TV series Herbert Anderson portrayed Henry Mitchell, father to Dennis

Who were the cast in the tv series Dennis the menace?

Dennis the Menace (1959 TV series) had a cast consisting of :Dennis Mitchell, a well-meaning but trouble-prone boy. :Played by Jay NorthHenry Mitchell, father to Dennis and Alice's husband. Played by Herbert AndersonAlice Mitchell, Henry Mitchell's wife and Dennis's mother. Played by Gloria HenryMr. George Wilson, the Mitchell's neighbor, often exasperated with Dennis's antics, though is proud that Dennis considers him his best friend. George has a dog named Fremont. (1959-1962). Played by Joseph KearnsMrs. Martha Wilson, a loving, grandmotherly-type neighbor who enjoys Dennis's company. (1959-1962). Played by Sylvia FieldJoey McDonald, Dennis's friend. (1959-1960). Played by Gil SmithTommy Anderson, Dennis's closest (school) friend. (1959-1963). Played by Billy BoothMargaret Wade, a good girl in the neighborhood with a crush on Dennis. Played by Jeannie RussellThe Bradys, Johnny was Dennis's nemesis, the neighborhood braggart with a better-than-you attitude shown to everyone but his father Charles, who annoys adults with the same arrogance. Johnny was played by Gregory Irvin, while Larry Haddon played Charles.Mr. John Wilson, George Wilson's brother. (1962-1963). Played by Gale GordonMrs. Eloise Wilson, John Wilson's wife. (1962-1963). Played by Sara Seegar

When did Dennis the Menace start?

Dennis the Menace (1959 TV series) aired from October 4, 1959 - July 7, 1963 and the comic strip by Hank Ketcham debuted on March 12, 1951 and is still an ongoing comic strip .

Where is the fliming location for the 1959 Dennis the menace?

The TV series was located at Columbia Ranch in Burbank, California (now the Warner Ranch) was the backdrop for the series .

What ever happen to the little boy that played Dennis the Menace in the TV series?

He served in the Us Navy, but I don"t know anything else about him. one wonders if he was involved with Missile-launching catapults.