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Kate O'Mara, she is the only actress to play the part of the Rani.

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Q: Who played the Rani in 'Mark of the Rani'?
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What was the Rani's first appearance in Doctor Who?

The Rani first appeared in the Doctor 6 adventure, The Mark of the Rani, in February 1985. Kate O'Mara played the Rani.

When did The Mark of the Rani happen?

The Mark of the Rani happened on 1985-02-09.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Mark of the Rani - 2006 V?

The Mark of the Rani - 2006 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What movie and television projects has Baby Rani been in?

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What are the ratings and certificates for Doctor Who - 1963 The Mark of the Rani Part Two 22-6?

Doctor Who - 1963 The Mark of the Rani Part Two 22-6 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G UK:U

What actors and actresses appeared in The Mark of the Rani - 2006?

The cast of The Mark of the Rani - 2006 includes: Anthony Ainley as The Master Colin Baker as The Doctor Louise Brady as Narrator Nicola Bryant as Peri

What is special about 1775?

These are the things that happened in 1775 on doctor who but obviously not in the actual year.Little key:Red - PeopleBlue - EventThe American War of Independence begins. The Rani is present in the American colonies at some point in the conflict, extracting chemicals from the brains of humans. (DW: The Mark of the Rani)JMW Turner is born. The Rani will use a screen bearing one of his landscapes as part of a booby-trap to guard her TARDIS. (DW: The Mark of the Rani)Thomas Liddell, later First Baron Ravensworth, is born. He will host a conference at Killingworth of the great architects of the Industrial Revolution which the Master and the Rani will attempt to sabotage. (DW: The Mark of the Rani)

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