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Harry Morgan

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Q: Who played colonel Sherman potter?
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What was sherman potter's middle initial?

T. He was Colonel Sherman Tecumseh Potter.

Who was in charge on the show MASH?

The first one in charge was Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Blake (played by Maclean Stevenson). He was replaced by Colonel Sherman T Potter, played by Harry Morgan.

Who played the colonel in tv series mash?

McLean Stevenson played Lt. Colonel Henry Blake in 70 episodes 1972-1975. Harry Morgan played Colonel Sherman T. Potter in 180 episodes 1975-1983.

Who is the Colonel in MASH?

Colonel Henry Blake Colonel Sherman T. Potter Colonel Donald Penobscot 1 Played by Besson Carroll Colonel Donald Penobscot 2 Played by Mike Henry Colonel Sam Flagg STAND INS WHEN THE COLONEL LEFT Major Frank Burns and Major Margret Hulohan Captain Benjerman Franklin Perice Captain Trapper Jan Macantier Captain Honneycut

What is Sherman Potter's middle initial in M.A.S.H?

Sherman T. Potter

What was col potter's nickname on mash?

Colonel Sherman Tecumseh Potter replaced Henry Black at the beginning of the 3rd season of the CBS television show, M*A*S*H, and stayed with the show until its finale in 1983. The only nickname that the show provided for the Colonel is "Sherm".

Who played colonel potter in mash?

Harry Morgan (Morgan for sure--Henry if not Harry).

What does the t in Sherman T Potter stand for?

His full name was Sherman Tecumseh Potter, MD.

Who replaced col Blake in MASH?

Col. Sherman T. Potter played by Harry Morgan

What was Co Potter middle initial?

Sherman T Potter

What was the 'real' name of Col Potter's horse?

Sophie. It was actually Harry Morgan's horse in real life. Harry Morgan was the actor who played Colonel Potter.

Where does Harry Morgan who played Col Sherman T Potter on the tv show mash currently live?

In California