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Courtney Love

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Q: Who played Andy Kaufman' girlfriend in man on the moon?
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Who played Andy Kaufman's girlfriend Lynne in Man on the Moon?

Courtney Love played the role of Lynne Margulies, Andy Kaufman's girlfriend, in the film Man on the Moon.

What movie was done about Andy Kaufman?

Man on the Moon (1999), starring Jim Carrey as Andy.

Is there audition footage of all the actors that wanted to play Andy Kaufman in MAN ON THE MOON?

Yes, there is an audition footage for the actors who wanted to play Andy Kaufman in MAN ON THE MOON on YouTube.

Who did Jim carrey play on the man in the moon?

a comedian Andy Kaufman

Man on the Moon was the biopic of which US comedian?

Man on the Moon is a movie about the life of Andy Kaufman.

What real-life person was 1999's Man on the Moon about?

Andy Kaufman

Which song on REM's Automatic for the People is about comedian Andy Kaufman?

man in the moon

Andy Kaufman was born on January 17 And by a weird coincidence the man who played him in the film Man on the Moon was also born on January 17 Who?

Jim Carrey

REM song became a biopic of Andy Kaufman?

"Man On The Moon," from the album Automatic for the People, released in 1992.

What was the movie The Man In the Moon based on?

The movie Man ON the Moon was based on the life of the comedian Andy Kaufman. There have been several movies called "The Man in the Moon;" you'd need to specify a year to distinguish which of them you were asking about.

Did Andy Thomas go to the moon?

No Andy Thomas did not go to the moon.

What actors and actresses appeared in R.E.M. Parallel - 1995?

The cast of R.E.M. Parallel - 1995 includes: Peter Buck as himself Andy Kaufman as Himself (segment "Man on the Moon") Mike Mills as himself Michael Stipe as himself