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As long as your vehicle was parked legally and you were able to obtain the other vehicle's insurance info, the driver of the other vehicle's insurance co. is resposible for all your damages.

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Q: Who pays when a parked car is hit in a private car park?
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Who pays if you backed into a parked car on private property in Florida?

You do.

Who pays when a parked car is hit?

The driver of the car that was driving when the accident occured. The owner of the parked car should not be responsible unless the car was parked in an illegal place or position.

Who is wrong when crashing into a car exiting private property?

The driver of the car unless the other car was parked on the lawn. It's against the law to park a vehicle in your front yard.

Who is at fault if neighbor drives in to your parked car on private land?


If a car is parked 6 in behind another on private property and the other car accidentally hits it who is at fault?

The person who hit a parked vehicle is at fault.

Does car have to be in park when double-park?

It makes no difference what position the shift lever is in. Parked is parked. Double-parking is against the law in most (all?) jurisdictions.

If I hit a car on private property who was parked illegally am I at fault?

Yes, private property does not obsolve you of your responsiblity.

Who pays when someone hits a parked car?

It's difficult to imagine circumstances in which the owner of the parked car could be considered to be at fault. Almost always, the driver of the moving car will be found liable. Even if the car was not parked properly, the driver of the other car generally will have had the "last clear chance" to avoid hitting it.

Who is responsible for damage to a parked car or theft on private property and no one observed?

you are

Can we park at the Bronx zoo?

Yes you can, because I have been there with my school and the coach that I was in was parked in the Bronx Car Park.

If a parked car slides on the ice in a parking lot and damages another car other who pays for the damages?

The car that was moving when they struck each other...

I hit a parked car in a car park?

Leave a note with your name and number if you can't find the owner.