Who owns auto and general insurance company?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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the co-operator group 45 people from Canada

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Q: Who owns auto and general insurance company?
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Who owns state Auto insurance?

State Auto Insurance Company is a large insurance company that writes auto, home, and other lines of insurance in most states. I don't believe it is part of another group but it owns other insurance companies as subsidiaries of State Auto.

Who owns the Citifinancial Auto Insurance company?

Citigroup Inc. is the multinational company that owns Citifinancial Auto Insurance. Despite suffering huge losses during he recession in 2008, Citigroup was able to stay open due to bailout money from tax payers.

Who owns the salvage in an auto accident?

Either the cars owner or the insurance company who paid for the totaled vehicle

Who now owns North American Life Insurance of Chicago?

I believe North American Life Insurance Company of Chicago merged into All American Life Insurance Company on 9/30/1974. All American Life Insurance Company merged into American General Life Insurance Company on 12/31/2002. So, American General now owns North American Life Insurance Company of Chicago.

Who owns General American Life Insurance Company?

The General American Life Insurance Company is owned by it's parent company Metlife. The current CEO of Metlife is a man called Steven A. Kandarian since the year 2011.

Who is a logical candidate for Auto Insurance?

Anyone who owns a vehicle.

Where can one find California auto insurance online?

You can find auto insurance for the state of California online at websites such as GEICO, Progressive, and Esurance. Typically any company that owns a brick and mortar store also has an online equivalent.

What are tied shops?

It is when an insurance company owns or derives some income in an auto body repair shop and then requires their customers to have their cars repaired at that shop.

Who Owns the shares of Central Standard Life Insurance Company?

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

Is anyone a canditate for auto insurance?

Yes, anyone that drives or owns a vehicle.

Is an auto insurance company responsible for the failure of safety feature malfunction in an accident of an auto they insure?

No. The maintenance of the vehicle is the responsibility of the owner. And, no, the bank is not responsible either because the bank only owns the loan, not the vehicle.

What company owns Cadillac?

General Motors.