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I dont no, if you find out though please let me know because i want it too!

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Q: Who makes the dress in Akon's dangerous video?
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Where can you buy the dress that chanta Patton wears in akons dangerous video?

It is not known where the dress that Chanta Patton wears in Akon's Dangerous video can be purchased. It was previously available on eBay.

Who are the girls in Akons video beautiful?

even i wanna know

What music video did Busta Rhymes dress up as the Shogun of Harlem from the last dragon?

Busta Rhymes included a nod to Sho'nuff with his music video for the single "Dangerous".

Who is the hot blode on akons smack that video?

The blonde woman in Akon's "Smack That" video is Kendra Wilkinson. She became famous on the reality show "The Girls Next Door".

Who is the girl in akon's video dont matter?

my name is klari Aniz and i was in akons don't matter video check me out on myspace!

Who are the backup dancers for the dangerous video for Michael Jackson?

There is no Dangerous video.

Does Michael Jackson's Dangerous have a music video?

No there isn't a video for Dangerous.

What color suit did Michael Jackson wear in the dangerous video?

There is no video for Dangerous.

Who made the dress that Taylor Swift wore in her video for Love Story?

Sandi Spika Borchetta she makes all the costumes for her music videos.

Who is lady in red dress in pink's music video most girls?

Pink's music video "Most Girls" was a highly popular video. It is unknown who the lady in the red dress is in the video.

What is the color of the dress Selena Gomez in who says video?

it is a black dress

How did they dress in their music video?

Depending on which music video you're talking about...