Who makes general motors motor oil?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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exxon mobil

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Q: Who makes general motors motor oil?
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What kind of motor oil is used in a silverado truck with a 4.3 engine?

General Motors specifies 5W-20 engine oil for the 4.3 engines.

Who makes quaker state motor oil?

Penzoil makes Quacker State Motor oil

Who makes ms6395 motor oil?

mobil makes the oil

How many quarts of oil does a general motors corporation Acadia take for an oil change?


What is the oil mixture for a 1974 evinrude outboard motor?

The oil/petrol mixture is 50:1 for the evinrude motors

Which type of motors used in oil filling machines?

Electric motor driving a pump.

Is motor oil a liquid?

Yes. There are other lubricants that are used in motors that are not liquids too.

Which is more dense motor oil or gasoline?

Motor oil will float on water. That makes water denser.

Who makes advance auto parts motor oil?

Advance motor oil is made by Coastal

Nissan Motors what motor oil weight do you use in Nissan SE Limited 1999?


How do you replace oil pump on a 1990 240sx?

Normally on all motors, the oil pump is located above the oil pan inside the motor. This being the case, the motor will have to be extracted from the engine compartment where it can be accessed.

Who makes peak motor oil?

PEAK makes peak motor oil, they are known for their antifreeze products before they launched their motor oil line. It's apparently already sponsored the IndyCar when it was first launched in 2007, and is being called "premium motor oil".