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Q: Who live longer tall people or short people?
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Is tall people a better swimmer or short people?

Tall people are better swimmers because they have longer legs than short people do.

Does tall people want to be short and short people wants to be tall?

It depends on the person because some people like being short and some peoplelike being tall.

Does A tall building have a longer natural period than a short one.?


What is the average height of an thai woman?

It is a stereotype that Thai people are short but that is NOT true there are short people and tall people there for I can not answer your question!!

What is it called when your afraid of short people?

I believe that gigaphobia is the fear of tall people.

Do short people mess or pick a fight with tall people?

Some short people may pick a fight with a tall person, but others would not. It would depend greatly on the short person.

Why are short people short?

How tall or short you are is usually heredity. It is passed on from the parents to the child.

Can short people have a tall children?


What kind of giraffes live in Africa?

tall ones and short ones!

If I am 5'11 am I too tall for hair this short httpwwwshort-hair-styles-magazinecomimagesfemale-short-hairstyles-12jpg?

no I personally think that taller people look much better which short hair than longer hair . If you have any questions then just ask x

About how tall is an adult?

there is no exact height that an adult can be. some people are short. some are tall.

Do tall people get more girls than shorter people?

There is no exact information as to whether tall people get more girls than short people.