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the black widow

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Q: Who knows the strange man on Counterfeit Island?
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Who knows who the strange man is on counterfeit island on poptropica?

You have to go to the jazz cafe and he is at the stage

Can you see the strange man again after you have finished counterfeit island?


Who knows who the mystery man is on Counterfeit Island?

The mystery man on counterfeit island is the thief that stole the painting from the museum. That is the only reason why he knows the secret passage into the museum. Good Luck!!!! :) :)

Where do you get the key card on counterfeit island?

When the strange man jumps in the boat he will drop it

Where is the strange man on counterfeit island after he gets caught?

He is in the Black Widow's house.

What do the security cameras show on Counterfeit Island?

the strange man stealing the scream

Where is the strange man on counterfeit island after you see him on the security tape?

In the 'All That Jazz Cafe'

In counterfeit island how do you get through the underground tunnel at night?

All you have to do is go to were you met the strange man and enter the tunnels there

How can you get into the art museum on Counterfeit Island?

Yes, you need to get a job by talking to the strange man at the end of the underground tour

Why doesnt the strange man follow you poptropica counterfeit island?

he just doesn't. and why would he follow? it would be pointless.

Who knows about the mysterious man at counterfeit?

The mysterious man on Counterfeit Island is the art thief's henchman. Later on in the mission you two work together to stop the real art thief. Hope this helps!

Where is the missing strange man in counterfeit?

He is in the Jazz place