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The youngest actor on glee is the new boy.

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Q: Who is the youngest actor on glee?
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Who is the actor who plays Kurt Hummel on GLEE?

The actor who plays Kurt Hummel on GLEE is Chris Colfer the actor.

Who is kamran akhtar on glee?

Kamran Akhtar is not an actor or singer on Glee.

What the name of the person who plays blaine in glee?

The actor who plays Blaine in Glee is Darren Criss.

What is Sam out of glee called in real life?

Sam from Glee is played by an actor named Chord Overstreet.

What is the name of the actor that plays artie in glee?

Kevin McHale

How old are the glee cast in real life?

The youngest is 22 and the oldest is 25 or 26

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Who is the youngest actor?

million dollar baby.

Is Charlie Sheen the youngest actor?


Who is the youngest actress or actor?

mia talerico

Who plays Dave karofisky in glee?

The actor's name is Max Adler.

Who is the Actor Chris who plays Kurt Hummel on Glee?

Chris Colfer