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Q: Who is the woman in the Lexus commercial with the song by the figgs?
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Who is the singer in Lexus commercial with opening lyrics bonjour shut the door?

the Song is Je T'adore by The Figgs Source Soundhound App

What is the song in the Lexus commercial?

What is the song in the new Lexus commercial,?? I thought i lost you

What is the song in the commercial that goes 'bonjour shut the door'?

It sounds like Dire Straits, but its "Je T'Adore" by The Figgs.

What significance does the song in the 2011 Lexus commercial have?

This is the Song that has been used in Lexus commercials in the past so it is assumed the recipient hears the song and associates it to the Lexus Christmas commercial and knows they are about to get a car. The song is "Family & Friends Song" by Steve Kujala.

What is the song in the Lexus commercial that has lyrics since I lost you?

"I'm Wonderin' by Kristina Train

Who sings the song in the commercial?

"It belongs to the woman", is the name of the song.

Who sings the song in the new 2010 Lexus rx commercial?

The previous answer is referring to the 2010 Lincoln MKZ commercial. The song is Major Tom by Shiny Toy Guns. The song was originally done by Peter Schilling.

Who sings the gigantic song in the iPhone commercial?

It is performed by the PIxies, but I am not sure who the woman in the commercial is.

What is the song that is in the Degree commercial when the woman is on the type rope?

"Knockout" by The Shoes

Who is the woman who sings the new sonic commercial song?

Diana Salvatore

Who sings the song in the Converse Lady footlocker commercial?

a woman called santogold (shes actually the woman in the advert but she sings the song as well)

Who sings the song on the Target commercial with the woman decorating the tree?

The song is Tiny Tree Christmas by Guster.