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Q: Who is the with blonde hair and star tattoos on her feet?
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Who is the blonde pronstar with star tattoos on her left side?

Morgan layne

Who sang the song Teardrops of your Guitar?

Answer:the singer was Taylor swift..shes a country star...wit blonde hair

Name something a male rock star might do to make himself look more rebellious?

tattoos, get body pierced, dye hair, paint face, shave head, long hair, facial hair

What do star tattoos by the eye indicate?

Star tattoos near the eye are gang symbols. Teardrop tattoos near the lower corner of the eye indicate you have killed someone.

What tattoos where to be on Jews?

star of david

Where can one get star tattoos done?

There are several US based tattoo shops where one can get a star tattoo. One can get star tattoos from the All or Nothing shop located in Georgia. One can also get star tattoos from Alternative Arts tattoo shop in North Carolina.

Which group of people commonly uses nautical star tattoos as an informal signifier?

The group of people that commonly use nautical star tattoos as an informal signifier are the United States Armed Forces. Nautical star tattoos are made to look like a five-pointed star in a dark and light color.

How many tattoos does Angelina Jolie have?

Angelina Jolie currently has thirteen known tattoos.

Why do women get star tattoos over their ovaries?


The illustrated mum by Jacqueline Wilson which of the mother's tattoos represent her two daughters?

The tattoos of a star and a dolphin represent her two daughters because their names are Star and Dolphin.

Do One Direction have tattoos?

Harry has one tattoo, a star on the underside of his left arm. Zayn has eight tattoos.

What do three stars on the thumb web mean?

Star tattoos are very popular among sailors. Three star tattoos could be an indicator that the person, or a family member, is a sailor.