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rossif sutherland

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Q: Who is the voice on the west jet commercial?
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Who does the voice over in the current farmland bacon commercial?

Adam West?

Who is the voice in the 2012 forever west wyoming commercial about no boundaries and borders?

Robert Duvall

What actor lends his voice for the Hebrew national hot dogs commercial?

Adam West

What is a commercial jet flight?

A commercial jet flight is a chartered airline service on a jet plane, as in a flight with passengers etc.

Does a jet fly faster than an commercial airplane?

It depends on what kind of jet or commercial airplane it is.

Is Christine Lahti the voice in the Kaiser Permanente commercial?

No, it's Allison Janney from "The West Wing" and "Juno."

What is the best selling commercial jet liner?

The best selling commercial jet liner is the Boeing 737.

What is another word for jetliner?

Commercial airliner, commercial jet, more specifically, it could be a business jet (bizjet)

Who is the voice in the IKEA commercial?

Lisa Horner is the voice of the "start the car" IKEA commercial.

Who is the voice for 2014 jeep grand Cherokee Commercial?

Peter Jessop is the voice in the commercial.

Who is the voice of jet the hawk?

Jet the Hawk's first voice actor was Jason Griffith, who also did the voices of Sonic and Shadow. He voiced Jet in Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Jet's voice actor was changed along with the most of the Sonic voice cast in mid-to-late 2010. From Sonic Free Riders to the present, he is voiced by Michael Yurchak.

Who's woman's voice is it in the IKEA commercial?

Lisa Horner is the voice of the "start the car" IKEA commercial.