Who is the voice of ichigo?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Ichigo Kurosaki from the anime Bleach is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch. He has also voiced Lelouch from Code Geass, Albert from Gankutsuou, Vash the Stampede from Trigun, Kiba from Wolf's Rain, and many other lead and subcharacters in popular anime.

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Q: Who is the voice of ichigo?
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Who Killed Ulquiorra?

~Spoiler!~ Ichigo.

Is ichigo going to die?


Who killed aizen?

Ok people been hearing many different answers like Gin killed Aizen but... it wasnt him The real person the killed Aizen was Ichigo (I wouldn't be surprised) there was a duel between them as Aizen almost killed Gin with one blow with his sword then Ichigo stepped in before Aizen killed this other soul reaper (haha sorry don't know her name) after Ichigo set down his dad on the ground Ichigo wanted to make a deal to fight somewhere else then where there is a whole lot of people but Aizen said no after Ichigo grabbed Aizen by the face flew in the air found a far spot from everyone and throw him at the ground after that they talk for a little then they faught Aizen swing his sword at Ichigo but he block it with his and a huge rock just slice in half and evaporated in the sir Aizen taught that was his sword but Ichigo told him the true that the rock that evaporated was from his sword... Ichigo flew to Aizen and hit him with his sword and it damage him pretty bad but Aizen turned in a full hallow creature thing and tried to kill Ichigo but Ichigo use his newest move "The Final Getsuga Tenshou" and Ichigo was the move was Ichigo's hair turn really long and black Ichigo used the move sliced Aizen in half but to do the move Ichigo would have to loose his soul reaper powers! Itchigo lost his powers and Aizen was still alive but Badly injured by Ichigo's blast then Ichigo's teacher (forgot name also but he has 2 children living with him with a cool hat) stepped in and put a seal on Aizen after the seal took effect Aizen died. So Mostly Aizen died from Ichigo and a little of his teacher help too.

When was ichigo born?

July 15th.

Who is stronger naruto or ichigo?

Ichigo has the hollow, but Naruto has the nine tailed fox. If it came to who was stronger it would be Ichigo because he has Zangetsu and his inner hollow ( Hollow Ichigo ). ///(Actually Naruto is stronger then Ichigo because Ichigo in his bankai is stronger then Naruto and would probably force Naruto to activate his 2 tail while Ichigo might fight him with his Hallow mask but it would not be enough because some time he get exhausted and the nine-tail Naruto would continue insulting him. But Ichigo will transform into his true hollow when he down continuing to fight and they be equal but Ichigo would be winning just a little. Naruto would go 4-tails and ended full Hollow Ichigo. The point is Naruto have more advantage because Naruto has more transformation then Ichigo making Naruto gaining more power each time Ichigo get stronger until he cant go no more so this fight would be base of power, and trans. Ichigo have limit and he still human and the nine tail really dont have a limit. Ichigo is strong but Naruto take over with more transformation. That why Naruto is stronger then Ichigo. sorry Ichigo)

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Who voices the character Ichigo in the Bleach anime?

Ichigo's voice actor in the English version of Bleach is Jonny Yong Bosch, and his child voice in Mona Marshall.

Who voiced ichigo?

The English voice-over artist for Ichigo Kurosaki from the anime series "Bleach" is provided by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Who does Sasori's voice in the US?

Johnny Yong Bosch or the same actor for Ichigo in US

Who plays young ichigo in episode 178 in the English dub?

I believe the voice is Mona Marshell

In episode 118 of naruto is the guy with gray hair whos aura is transferred to orochimarus the same voice actor as ichigo kurasaki from bleach?

Masakazu Morita (a.k.a. Ichigo Kurosaki) doesn't voice act in Naruto.but the "gray" haired guy... did u mean this guy? (check out the link)'s voice actor is Toshiyuki Morikawa)

How do you say fuzzy and blue in Verbs and adjectives replaced with Ichigo?

Ichigo and Ichigo

Who is the white ichigo?

"Hollow Ichigo."

Who is hotter ichigo or toshiro?

I'm not sure who is hotter but in a fight my money is on Ichigo

What is the surname of Ichigo?

Kurasaki as in 'kurasaki ichigo'

Who Killed Ulquiorra?

~Spoiler!~ Ichigo.

Who likes Ichigo?

Orihime likes Ichigo.

What is Ichigo's first name?

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach .