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****No, the original English voice actor for Ash Ketchum, Veronica Taylor did not die. In 2008 when the 4Kids contract expired they cut all ties with the actors before the 10th Anniversary special and hired new voice actors to save money. Sarah Natochenny is now the voice actor for Ash. But in the hearts of every kid who grew up in the 1990's... Veronica will ALWAYS be the one and only Ash Ketchum. Long time fans of the show have many petitions to bring Veronica back as Ash. Whoever is in charge isn't listening.

I don't think the original voice actress (yes, it was a girl who dubbed Ketchum's voice) died, but perhaps quit or something (don't quote me on that). Instead, another woman took over; I'm not quite sure of her name, but I think it is Veronica.

In my opinion, I think they wanted a deeper voice for Ash to show his maturity throughout the series (that's what it seemed like to me).

*****Noooooooo!!! that's all wrong veronica Taylor is ashes original voice Sarah natochenny is the new voice character they changed all the voices not because Veronica died but because of some money problem im pretty sure. She just switched to annother show (dinosaur king) and so id Jesse in that show. and all the voice characters are gone in Pokemon there all different

****Actually 4kids contract expired in 2008 and the rights to Pokemon went to PUSA in season 9. Since all the voice actors had contracts at 4kids, PUSA had to find new voice actors for all the characters.

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Q: Who is the voice actor of ash ketchum and did the original die?
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Who is veronica Taylor?

She is a voice actor. She was the original voice of ash ketchum and may in Pokémon.

Who does the voice for ash ketchum?

Who does the voice of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon?

Who plays Ash Ketchum in Pokemon?

If you're asking who the voice actor is then from seasons 1-8 her name is Veronica Taylor.Season 9+ her name is Sarah Natochenny.

Who is red in soulsliver?

Its Ash Ketchum from the original Pokemon series

What is Ash ketchum's full name?


What is Ash's full name from Pokemon?

Ashley Ketchum

Where does ash ketchum live?

Ash Ketchum's home is in Pallet Town, Kanto.

Is ash in pokemon played by a girl?

Yes, Ash is played by a girl. During the time 4Kids Entertainment had the dubbing license and was responsible for the dubbing, voice actress Veronica Taylor had voiced Ash Ketchum. Veronica also voiced other characters in Pokémon such as May and Ash's Mom. Once Pokémon Company International took over the dubbing license, voice actress Sarah Natochenny is the one that provides the voice for Ash Ketchum.

Who does the voice of Ash Ketchum in all of the Pokemon episodes?

Veronica Taylor was the voice of Ash from the very first episode until and including the episode "Pasta La Vista." After that he's been voiced by Sarah Natochenny.

Can you find Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Pearl?

No, you cannot find Ash Ketchum in Pokémon Pearl.

How old is Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon Galactic Battle episodes?

In the original series, he started as ten, now he is 14

Who is Red on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Red in Soul Silver is the main character from the Red/Blue/Yellow/Leaf Green/Fire Red version games. He looks like Ash Ketchum, but they aren't the same person I believe. It's Ash Ketchum. ----------------------------------------------------------- Red is Ash OK face it he has all of Ash's Pokemon from the original series so he is Ash