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Sarah Jane Smith! Played by Elisabeth Sladen

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Q: Who is the star in Sarah Jane adventure?
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What is the code for the academy's safe on the Sarah Jane adventure game?

triangle star like a time compus that you tern round a circle and a circle with a

Where are all the Sarah Jane adventure monsters?

they are all in the doctors file

When is season 5 of the Sarah Jane adventure coming out?

Autumn 2011.

How many kids does Sarah Jane have of Sarah Janes adventure?

Sarah Jane doesn't have any children of her own. Although she adopted the Banes experiment as her own son, naming him Luke.

Were is the star poet on cbbc Sarah Jane adventures?

Go on Sarah Jane website and go to the attic, scroll down and it's there.

Sarah Jane adventure actress?

Elizabeth Sladen plays Sarah Jane Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.Thomas Knight plays Luke Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.Daniel Anthony plays Clyde Langer in The Sarah Jane Adventures.Anjli Mohindra plays Rani Chandra in The Sarah Jane Adventures.Sorry! I must really sound like a dork or geek as I am so repetitive. I copied it of this wacko's website. He sucks!

What time does Sarah Jane adventure come at?

4:30 0n 10th of October

What episodes of The Sarah Jane adventures did David Tenant star in?

David Tennant starred in the two-parter 'The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith.'

Where is Eve In The Monster Hunt?

eve is on rani profile in characters on Sarah Jane adventure website

Where do you find the star poet on Sarah Jane monster hunt?

in the attic

Did the women in Sarah Jane adventure die?

the woman Sarah Jane played by actress Elizabeth Sladen sadly passed away on the early hours of April 19th 2011 due to battling with Cancer! we will miss her

Where is the sontaran on Sarah Jane adventures monster hunt?

He is Somewhere on the "Adventure Rock".go to the download > minipipe game