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Here is my opinion 60% of fans like Dappy

20% Tulisa

20% Faze

Some may disagree with my ROUGH percents but Dappy is VERY popular.

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Q: Who is the most popular out of dappy frazer and tulisa?
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Who is the most popular n-dubz member?

Probably Dappy, boys probably think Tulisa though! I'd say Fazer is the quietest one.

What nickname does frazer from n-dubz give his girlfriend tulisa?

Most people that know her call her T xx

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Ho is the leader of n dubz?

Well, Tulisa is the main singer, Dappy likes to talk a lot in most interviews and sings/raps and Fazer makes the beats for the tracks. Overall, Dappy would be seen as the 'leader' since he is the most well-known, Tulisa keeps the boys in check and is a self-proclaimed 'Female Boss' She is the more dominant of the three. Many would disagree with that claim but that is the true answer.

What are the most popular songs by the English musician Dappy?

The most popular song by the English musician Dappy is Explode. He has had other popular songs and commands quite a following. Some of his other popular songs are Gino Skit, Spaceship, Filthy Rich plus many more.

Is tulisa contostavlos single?

No Tulisa Contostavlos is dating actor Jody Latham. Tulisa Contostavlos is a singer and most known for being in the singing group N-Dubz.

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What is wrong with Tulisa's man cos she never sHow is him off?

There's nothing wrong with him. He's a DJ so he's probably working most of the time when Tulisa is out.

Who is the most famous sientist in Britain?

Its Fat tohmas wilson And frazer is a buthurt

Is Tulisa seeing Bashy behind her bloke's back?

No she isn't. The only guy she's seeing is her bloke. Tulisa isn't like most celebs who sleep around, she's actually faithful to her man.

What is the odd's that the girl Tulisa from N Dubz will ditch her man just in time for next album promo?

You see Tulisa isn't like most celebs which ditch their partners to get publicity, Tulisa has been with her man for four years, before she was famous and now during the time that she is famous so why would she ditch him now. Tulisa and Adam (her man) are very happy together so there's no reason why she would dump him.

Does Tulisa's man really believe she doesn't cheat?

Yes he does because he's not as gullible as most people.