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Q: Who is the mercury automobile spokeswoman seen on tv?
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Who is the Toyota's tv spokeswoman?

Laurel Coppock is the actress who is the spokeswoman for Toyota. She began acting in 2006, and has appeared in numerous television shows including 2 Broke Girls.

Who is the spokeswoman in Toyota TV Ads?

Kim Blair Shively

Who is the spokeswoman for transitowne US tv car commercials?

Don't know but she is smokin'

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Is there mercury in a Sony trinitron tv?

Mercury has been used throughout the electronics industry and older televisions commonly had mercury within them. Legislation in Europe, NAFTA and other regions has restricted the use of mercury and other chemicals in domestic and commercial equipment. Therefore, new televisions contain no more than trace amounts of mercury. The Trinitron series of CRT televisions, not manufactured for over 10 years now, did have mercury in many of its components.

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Merrily We Roll Along The Early Days of the Automobile - 1961 TV was released on: USA: 22 October 1961

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why do you have mercury? it's odd but most tv screen companies would take it

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