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Q: Who is the male model in how could a angel break my heart by Toni Braxton music video?
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When was How Could an Angel Break My Heart created?

How Could an Angel Break My Heart was created in 1996.

Toni braxton had which hit single in 1994?

Breathe Again

Who sings break your heart?

Toni Braxton - in 1996.... See the related link to Youtube for the video.

Where was the song 'Un-Break My Heart' created?

The song, "Un-Break My Heart" has two different versions. One by Toni Braxton and the other by James Galaway. Refer to the following link for additional information on the song:

When was I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week created?

I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week was created on 2009-06-15.

What number one hits has Toni Braxton produced?

Toni Braxton has produced a variety of number one hits. Some of these hits include You're Makin' Me High, Let it Flow, Un-Break My Heart, He Wasn't Man Enough and Just Be a Man About It.

What are the names of some of the songs that have video footage of Toni Braxton performing them?

Songs containing video footage of Tony Braxton include Un-Break My Heart, Spanish Guitar, He Wasn't Man Enough, You're Making Me High, Yesterday and Breathe Again.

When was The Heart of the Angel created?

The Heart of the Angel was created in 1989.

What could symbolize abandonment or heart break?

broken heart that no one answered this question.

What is the duration of Angel Heart?

The duration of Angel Heart is 1.88 hours.

When was Angel Heart created?

Angel Heart was created on 1987-03-06.

Is Toni Braxton dead?

No, Toni Braxton did not have a heart attack. She does have some cardiac problems, though. She currently has hypertension (high blood pressure) and she had pericarditis (an inflammation of pericardium, which is a sac surrounding the heart) in the past.