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Vampires aren't that organized. Most vampires are solitary. The rest belong to small cells or covens (if you prefer archaic terminology). The leader(s) of a cell would be the most respected individuals. There is no rigid structure, primarily they are meritocracies.

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Q: Who is the head vampire?
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Who is the head vampire in the volturi?

well Aro is the "spokeman" for the volturi so you can say Aro is the head vampire. Hope that helps!!!!!!!!!!!! If it doen't sorry!!!!!!!!11

How do you treat a vampire victim?

the only way ive ever heard of to treat a vampire victim is to kill the vampire that infected the person and to do that you have to cut off the head of the vampire then burn it

What is the vampire cheat on the sims2?

You need either the Sims 2 Deluxe edition, or the Nightlife expansion pack. You have to go downtown, then meeet the Head Vampire. Make him your friend and he will bite you. Then you can have a VAMPIRE! :[ :)

What is the difference between a sub vampire and a Dom vampire?

A dominant vampire is typically seen as the head, and will be leading a coven. His or her subordinates will be those they personally turned into vampires. For example, Max from The Lost Boys was a dominant vampire. David, although he acted as a dominant, was his subordinate.

Can you list some vampire manga?

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Buffy the vampier slayer how do you defeat the giant vampire?

I don't know of any giant vampires in buffy, but if you mean an uber vampire, then you take of theyre head.

On TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer name of the character Giles?

Anthony Stewart Head

Can vampires get aids?

yes. if one lesbian vampire licks out another lesbian vampire then theoretically that vampire can obtain aids. however if the head lesbian vampire then gets penetrated all subsequent lesbian vampires infected are then cured. who cares about the male vampires as they all have penises.

Are there any books with the same storyline as twilight?

Um yes there are tons. * Vampire Kisses * Vampire Diaries those are just two that i can think of off the top of my head.

How can you kill a zombie wherewolf vampire?

cut off the head and stab with a silver stake in the heart

Does silver burn a vampire?

vampies do not feel "burned" when in contact with silver but it does mess with thier head.

Why do people have a big head?

This is because people like zain qaadri, who is another form of a vampire wants to make his head look standout. His head was stuck in his mum's vagina when he was born.