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He is currently single and has not been into a relationship yet.

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Q: Who is the girlfriend of gautam sharma?
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Is gautam sharma in shakuntala married?

Gautam Sharma of Shakuntala is unmarried.

What has the author Gautam SHARMA written?

Gautam SHARMA has written: 'Visfot'

Birth date of gautam sharma in shakuntala?

Gautam's Birthday is on 10th June.

Who plays dushyant in the serial on star one?

Gautam Sharma is playing dushyants role in shakuntala

Who is gautam gambhir's girlfriend?

he lves only 1 gal.

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Gautam Adani?

Gautam Adani

How does it help us on earth?

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What does the name Gautam mean?

Gautam means " The Enlightened One "

When was Gautam Bhatia born?

Gautam Bhatia was born in 1952.