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JWOW AKA jenni farley

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Q: Who is the girl in the red top and pink bottom bikini in the General Insurance ad?
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Who is the girl in the purple bikini in the General auto insurance commercial?

Arayna Eison

Do Patrick Star admired a girl creature in the bikini bottom?

No!. He doesnt.. What a dum question. lol xPatx

Who is the big busty girl on the general insurance commercials?

Stacy minarsis the girl who appears in the General Insurance commercials. She has been in several of their commercials, including some of the latest ones.

Who is the blonde girl from the general insurance commercial?

Carmen Palumbo

Who is girl casino niagara green bikini commercial?

Who is the girl in the green bikini falls view ed

Who is the girl in blue the general auto insurance commercial?

stacy minars

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A girl or woman who serves behind a bar wearing a Bikini.

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Who is the girl in the general insurance commercial in orange top putting lampshade on guy's head?

The girl who appears in the General Insurance commercial is Carmen Palumbo. She has appeared on several other commercials and has had some smaller TV roles.

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To wear a bikini you can weigh either one pound or a billion! Every girl can be beautiful in a bikini!

Who is the hot girl who puts the lampshade on the guy in the general insurance ads?

Carmen Palumbo

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