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Q: Who is the girl in the life mates commercial?
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Who is the girl dancing tango in milk life commercial?

The girl dancing in the commercial is not named. The man in the commercial is Johnathon Kelley.

Why are my mates trying to get me a girl?

your mates care about you

Who is the girl red dress in milk life commercial?

Nicki Minaj

What is the commercial where a woman visits her dying father and reminisces about when he helped her as a little girl?

It is the commercial that is A FOUNDATION FOR A BETTER LIFE.

What is the song on the latest Cingular AT And T commercial?

the band is "Mates of State"

Does a guy usually tell a girl if he likes her?

NO he doesn't but his mates might tell your mates and will tell you

What is the name of the song in the new Verizon commercial There is a crowd at a concert and everyone is holding up phones the band is made up of a girl on a synth and a guy playing drums Any ideas?

I think that is an AT&T commercial but the band is Mates of State. They are excellent.

Do chameleons mate for life?

No reptile mates for life.

Who is the girl in the dutch girl in the barbasol turn life around commercial?

Hmm... Barbra Streisand? ummm no, her name is Rebecca Mary

What was the song on the Gossip Girl commercial where Blair's life is falling apart?

"Hands on Me" by Vanessa Carlton.

Do Jackson's chameleon mate for life?

No reptile mates for life.

What is the royal Caribbean nation of why not commercial song?

The song is called "For the actor" by Mates of State