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Q: Who is the frizzy hair girl in ghosts of girlfriends past?
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Will my hair grow back frizzy if i shave my head I'm a girl with straight hair?


What are some cute hairstyles for an athletic girl who has curly out of control frizzy hair?

There are products for frizzy hair that may work on you. Or you could try a short bob.

What are some styles for a broke girl under 18 with curly frizzy and very thick hair?

Well you can wash it then try to straiten it. I'm under 18 and I have frizzy thick hair.

Why is American Girl doll Kaya's hair frizzy?

this is caused because her hair is thick and thick hair gets tangly and frizzy so you have to style it everyday ( Don't forget misting ) this also works on addy

How can you make your hair frizzy?

To make your hair frizzy you simply take a comb and a few pieces of hair and then rub the comb through the hair until it becomes frizzy.

What are some top products to use on my dry frizzy hair?

You can use many products on your dry frizzy hair. They make hot oil treatments to help get rid of the frizzy hair. You can also use shampoos specifically designed for frizzy hair. They also make Anti freeze hair gels to help frizzy hair.

How do you calm frizzy hair?

For me, I am a straight blond and get frizzy hair a lot. What I do to calm it is add some water to your hairbrush, and ta-da! Non-frizzy hair!

How do you get really frizzy hair?

This sounds ridiculous. I don't even think anybody should want frizzy hair. But, all you really have to do is when your hair is wet when you get out of the shower or whatever, that you touch your hair a lot.. it makes you hair really frizzy the more you touch it. That one of the main reasons that curly haired people have frizzy hair because when they are applying product or just even touching their hair makes it frizzy. Just saying this does not mean that every time you touch your wet hair means that it will go frizzy.

If you get a spiral perm will it be frizzy?

With a spiral perm your hair will tend to be frizzy. You can avoid this by putting moisture in your hair regularly.

What is causes frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is caused by your hair follicles not having enough moisture in them. Use a moisturizing solution to control frizz.

How to not get frizzy hair from blowdrying it?


Does water stop frizzy hair?