Who is the fouding Fathers?

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who is the Founding Fathers

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Q: Who is the fouding Fathers?
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Who was the founding father of Georgia?

James Oglethorpe and Abraham Baldwin are the fouding fathers of Georgia.

Were any of the Founding Fathers known to carry a pistol?

I think pistols were first invented in the early 1500's and improved big time by the 1800's and were used by all European i would believe that the fouding fathers...most of them being army generals themselves.

What does patriarchal ideology mean?

How the fouding fathers (of a country, religion, or people) thought, as ideology is a method or way of thinking, I think. No, that is not what it means. Patriacrchal ideology is an idea system that says men are in charge and women are secondary.

How was America built?

Wasn't built, It was Pangea, the Super Continent that broke into All Continents throught the Millions Of years, The Theory of Continential Drift. The U.S. was built by the hard work of the Fouding Fathers and the sacrifices made by colonial men and women.

How did James Madison become a fonding father?

he became a fouding father because he did goof to is countray

How did Europeans contribute to America?

They were the ones who explored the New Word in the first place, as Amerigo Vespuci was not an American, nor was Christopher Columbus or the Vikings before either of them. Plus, 2/3 of all of the Fouding Fathers and pilgrims were European, as many came from Britain and England, with some coming from France and other places. In other words, America was discovered, charted by, and founded by Europeans.

what lighten up fathers on fathers day.?

you lighten fathers on fathers day.

Why the fathers of confederation called fathers of confederation?

Because they are the fathers.

Who are the sociology who contributed their ideas about sociology?

You probably mean which sociologists contributed their ideas to sociology. Well, the easiest way to answer that question is to look at the three fouding fathers of sociology - Marx, Weber and Durkheim. Although these thinkers were not first regarding social questions ( for example see Mill, Spencer, early philosophers in enlightement,...), they were the first to use sociological inquiry to research social problems and issues. Each of these three men contributed to very different styles of research and are still regarded as the founding fathers of sociology and are considered classics. For more, read some of their works.

Why is the term 'Fathers of Confederation' confusing?

It is confusing because there were two different "Fathers of Confederation". The first fathers were the fathers who attended the three meetings. The second fathers were the fathers who entered confederation later.

What is the collective noun for fathers?

There is no specific collective noun for fathers, in which case a noun suitable for the situation is uses; for example a gathering of fathers, a group of fathers, an organization of fathers, etc.

What are then names of your founding fathers?

daddy dad papa (your fathers actual name) (yours fathers nickname)

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