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Let's see...

Power Rapper T.O.P = cute: sexy: funny: great rapper/ actor

Forever Leader GD = cute: funny: great singer/ rapper/ dancer/ lyricist

Smiling Angel Daesung = cute smile: funny: great singer/ trotter

Cute Maknae SeungRi = cute: funny: bad boy: great singer/dancer

Gentle Charisma TaeYang = hot: kind: great singer/dancer

... hard to choose, but it's your opinion.

T.O.P has a great sex appeal; gd is the cutest; dae sung is the adorable; seung ri is witty and adorable; tae yang is the sexiest and a certified shy boy.

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Q: Who is the cutest guy in the Korean band Big Bang?
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Is the Big Bang a k-pop band?

Yes the Big Bang is a Korean boy band.

Big bang Korean band?

Yeah! i have almost all the songs from Big Bang! They're awesome and they are Korean!

What is Top's place in big bang?

TOP is a rapper in the Korean band, Big Bang.

Is the band Big Bang Korean or Japanese?

They are Korean people from South Korea.

When did tha Korean band Big Bang start?


What religion is bigbang?

Big bang is a South Korean boy band. There is also a Big Bang Theory, which is the theory of how the universe was created, and the Big Bang show.

Does seungri from the korean boy band big bang smoke?

No he does not. Because he says that he has asthma

Are the Korean band Big Band broken up?

First, I think you mean Big Bang, and second no they're not. They're just making their solo albums, except for DaeSung. Right now, Big Bang is back together for their comeback.

Who are the members of the Korean boy band Big Bang?

g-dragon, TOP, Tae-Yang, Dae-Sung, and Victory.

When was Big Bang - British band - created?

Big Bang - British band - was created in 1988.

Would top from the Korean band big bang date someone 10 years younger than him?

T.O.P. from the Korean band, Big Bang would probably not date someone that is 10 years younger than him. As of July 2013, T.O.P. is 25 years old and wouldn't date someone that is 15 years old.

What do you mean by haruharu mudyeojyeogane?

It's Korean - lyrics to the song "Haru Haru" by the Korean band Big Bang."Haru Haru Mudyeojyeogane" means "Day by Day, it fades away."