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Q: Who is the cute redhead with short hair in the create tv ad?
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Why is Dora's hair so short?

dora's hair is short because short hair is cute.

Who was the redhead in the DirecTV commercial?

Margaret Easley... No its actually Rose Cole, if you are referring to the redhead with short hair.. No, It's Margaret Easley. Tall redhead, very cute, aqua colored shirt, says "You're welcome" with a big smile at the end of the spot. Margaret Easley. Google her.

How do you style short hair?

if your hair is right at your shoulders, you can put it in two short ponytails. that would be really cute! =)

If a girl gets her hair cut like a boy is it cute?

It is really cute as all girls look good with short hair.

Which is sexier boys with long hair or boys with short hair?

this depends on the type of person you are, some boys can be cute with long hair, some can't, some boys can be cute with short hair, some can't, it's just a matter of opinion.i think boys with long hair are SUPER CUTE! they are the type for me!

Does longer hair on a guy look cute?

It depends on how the girl likes it,or the other people,whatever... Short hair can also look cute!

Are short girls with curly hair cute?

Everybody has their own opinions ,in mine I would say it is cute.

What are cute haircuts for preteen girls with short straight hair?


Who is the cute girl with short dark hair in that Toyota commercial?

your mother

What are some cute hair styles for short hair?

Some great hair styles for short hair are layers and bobs. If you've already considered these and don't think you can style your short hair, there's always extensions!

Does a redhead have more hair follicles than a brunette and a blonde?

No, a brunette has more hair follicles than a redhead and a blonde. A blonde however; has more than a redhead.

If a girl gets her hair cut like a boys is it cute?

Yes very cute as all girls look good with short hair. My girlfriend has a haircut liike a boy-very short, no fringe, and she looks cute, cool AND no-one teases her.