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AX Armani Exchange was created by Giorgio Armani, and launched in 1991 in the United-States. AX Armani Exchange sells designer clothes and accessories.

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Q: Who is the creator of the AX Armani Exchange?
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Who owns Armani exchange?

Giorgio Armani

Is Armani a unisex name?

Not really because Armani is kind of like Armani Exchange

Who is the owner of Armani exchange?

Type your answer here... giorgio armani

What is the difference between the Armani stores and the Armani Exchange?

The difference between the Armani stores and the Armani exchange is the quality of the clothing which affects the price on the clothing. Armani stores are more expensive and made of better quality, while the Armani Exchange is much less expensive but also a lesser quality material in the clothing.

Is Armani Exchange Made By Giorgio Armani?

It is produced by Simint S.p.A, a company that was recently bought by Armani.

What style of clothing can be found on Armani Exchange?

Armani Exchance is the youthful fashion label created by Italian designer Giorgio Armani. Armani Exchange sells a variety of clothes, most of which are designed from Italian fashion.

Where is Armani exchange made?


Where can one find an Armani Exchange coupon?

There are many resources available for receiving a coupon for armani exchange. Online retailers often promote armani and receive coupons as a result. In store promotions often yield the same result.

Where does Nina Dobrev shop?

Armani Exchange

What is the difference between armani exchange and armani?

Armani Exchange is the younger/more casual version of Giorgio Armani. AX focuses more on denim styles and trendier(younger) fashions. Armani (or Armani Collezioni) is more professional and polished. AX also focuses more on brand identity ( T-shirts and logo labels) while Armani establishes a more subtle luxury through fabric and cut choices. Collezioni relies on a heavily tonal (usually gray) color scheme and involves a lot of textural definition in textile. In short, AX is jeans and T-shirts; GA is suits. .. ^ true .. n also .. A/X ain't like otha armani stich'd stuffs .. its 90% cotton .. more or like a normal t wear,no polymers added .. which makes it non skin sticky .. kinda stuff .. cheaper then other giorgio's studio stiched .. quality of material .. comes no wear close to .. AJ or EA cloth fabric .. its more trendy allur'd .. but i cop 1 or 2 tees every month .. here in Dubai .. its cheap comes close to 175-200 dirhams .. whereas armani jeans skids close to 450 dirhams .. collezioni .. pass .. hahah

Which brand is the competitor of Armani exchange?

Guess and Express

Where does Chris Brown buy his jeans?

Armani Exchange