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Travis Barker

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Q: Who is the creator of Famous Stars and Straps?
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Who owns famous stars and straps?

Travis Barker.

Where can you buy famous stars and straps earrings?

Ice Maven Jewelry has Famous Stars and Straps Earrings for $12.95http://www.icemaven.comCheck out this website for the famous stars and strap earrings pretty good prices and a good selection too

What famous stars and straps cursive font called?


What is the name of travis barkers clothing firm?

Famous Stars and Straps.

Where can you buy famous stars and straps stickers?

I know that has free stickers !!

Where can you customize a skin for your sidekick 3? I customized my slide w/ them and made it famous stars and straps!

George Washington wearing a face bandana on a tshirt what is the brand where can i find one?

famous stars and straps

What is Travis Barker's street address?

Famous Stars & Straps 1840 S. Milliken Avenue Ontario, CA 91761-2340 USA

Is famous stars and straps only for blacks?

by blacks you mean.... black people? If that's what you mean, no, it's Travis Barkers clothing line

What is the company owned by one of the members of blink 182?

Travis owns famous stars and straps and mark and tom own atticus and macbeth.

What are some popular bands of skateboard stickers?

There are many popular brands of skateboard stickers. Some of which are famous stars and straps, DC, Spitfire, DGK and many others are available as well.

Where can you buy famous stars and straps t-shirts other than the internet?

Depending on where you live local skate shops may sell them. One other place that will have them is Pacsun in the mall.