Who is the character of idaten jump?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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I'll just list all the characters:


Sho Yamato

Kyoichi Shido



Gabu Samejima

Taiga Samejima

Kakeru Sakamaki

Ayumu Yamato


Makoto Shido

Ms Yuki

Nagi Saniguma(er... my own character)


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Q: Who is the character of idaten jump?
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Who is theauthor of Idaten Jump?

The author of Idaten Jump is Toshihiro Fujiwara.

What are the release dates for Idaten Jump - 2005?

Idaten Jump - 2005 was released on: Japan: 2005 USA: 8 December 2006

What is the name of BMX anime?

idaten jump

Is Idaten Jump still a show on Cartoon Network?

No sorry

Where can you find Idaten Jump episodes?

you can only find some of the episodes in livestream english dubbed.

Where can you find Idaten Jump the series to buy?

You can search a manga store, or try buying it online.

What is the name of the girl's brother in idaten jump?

If you mean Makoto Shido, then her brother is Kyoichi Shido. He's the rider of Thunder Emperor. Cute, huh?

What actors and actresses appeared in Idaten Kazuemon - 1933?

The cast of Idaten Kazuemon - 1933 includes: Komako Hara

Which is best mtb and rider in idaten jump?

bloody fang could form craters that could do damage to the track so it could move ahead but thunder emperor is the fastest mtb so could move ahead plus kyoichi shino best rider in idaten jump so it could be a tie flame kaiser can win be the best but tobe fair the best mtbs are bloody fang thunder emperor flame

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The main character Wills is 16 years old in the book "Jump the Cracks."

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Yes you can

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