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Her name is Alice. I don't remember her last name.

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Q: Who is the brunette Kohl's model on recent tv ad?
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Who is the model in eye masters ad?

Nikki Young is the stunning brunette woman in the Eyemasters commercial.

Who is the brunette in the stelara commercial?

There are quite a few Stelara commercials and many brunettes, so, you'll have to specify, which commercial (airdate; your locale; etc) and brunette (time frame). If you find the ad on the web, give us the link (either as an edit to the question or as an "answer"), and indicate the time point at which the brunette appears.

Who is the brunette in the nature valley ad?

A girl named Jessica

Who is the brunette in the aami fair ad in the red bikini?

janina suramuch

Who is brunette in revlon commercial at restaurant?

Halle Berry in the PhotoReady ad.

Who is the girl in the blue dress in digital playground ad?

The girl who is wearing blue in the digital playground ad is Rachel Giordano. She also appeared in a Lego ad in 1981.

Who is the original hot brunette in the red dress in Special K ad?

Rita hayward

Who is the brunette actress last scene Dominoes tv ad a little of this30?

The brunette actress in the Dominoe's "A little of this:30 "tv ad , i the last scene opens mouth but doesn't get a bite of pizza because boy pulls it away.

Who are the brunette models in the Virgin Atlantic Airways 1st US Commercial and Ad Campaign?

Deb D'Agostino from New York City is definitely one of the brunette models.

Which model is featured in the Coco Chanel ad?

There have been many models featured in the Coco Chanel advertisements. The most recent model was none other than the famous Brad Pitt.

Who is pretty brunette in the sprint TV ad?

The girl im inside of gigity gigity gooo

Who is the green eyed brunette in Lays potato chip TV ad?

I don't know but her eyes are incredible.