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Who is the antagonist in the book Game by Walter Dean Myers

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Q: Who is the antagonist in the game by Walter Dean Myers?
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In Game by Walter Dean Myers on what page does Drew get offered a scholarship?

Page 25

How many pages does The Hoopster have?

Hoops was written by Walter Dean Myers. It has 194 pages. It is about a city wide basketball tournament and some want Lonnie to sit on the bench because they bet on the game.

What is a quote from slam by Walter Dean Myers?

pg 1 'im six four and i got the moves, te eye and theheart. you can take my game to the bank and wait around for the interest. With me its not like playing a game, its like the only time im being for real.'

Who are the main character and their characterization in zathura?

Walter is the Main Protagonist. Danny is the Deuteragonist. Lisa is the Tritagonist. The Astronaut or Future Walter is a major character. The Zorgons are the Main Antagonists in The Film. The Zorgon Lord is the Main Antagonist in the Video Game. The Robot is the Secondary Antagonist and later a Minor Protagonist when Reporgramed in The Film,and the Tritagonist in the Video Game. Walter and Danny's Dad is a Major Character.

What are some literary devices in slam by Walter Dean Myers?

"I'm six four and I got the moves, the eye, and the heart. You can take my game to the bank and wait around for the interest. With me it's not like playing a game, it's like the only time I'm being for real." "Cutting people from your life is easy, keeping them in is hard."

What is the themes of the game by Walter Dean Myers?

Its about a boy named Drew who aspires to be an NBA basketball player. It fallows the second half of his Senior year at high school mostly around basketball but he learns life lessons along the way. A great book for people who love basketball and don't like to read.

Who is the antagonist is Ao Oni?

There are a few antagonist of Ao Oni. This is a Japan horror game.

Who is the protagonist and Antagonist in the movie The Game Plan?

the protagonist is Stella and the antagonist is joe and paton

What are some good quotes in game by Walter Dean Myers?

"Cutting people out of your life is easy, keeping them in is hard" and "It's a hard life sometimes and the biggest temptation is to let how hard it is be an excuse to weaken" These are two of the more popular quotes by Myers, although there are several more.

Who is the antagonist of the book game?

It is President Coriolanus Snow

Who is the main antagonist in the video game Batman Arkhan Asylum?

The Joker

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