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Q: Who is the actressl doing the debt stoppers commercial?
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For what are the debt stoppers?

Debt Stoppers is a chain of bankruptcy attorneys throughout the United States. Offices are located in Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, and many other cities. These attorneys offer solutions for those who need to get out of debt, as well as advice and tips to help avoid bankruptcy again.

What is the fine line difference between commercial debt and consumer debt?

Consumer debt is governed by the FDCPA....commercial debt is not.

Who is the debt relief woman in the commercial?

Wendy Walsh

Who is the woman in the debt relief commercial?

Wendy Walsh

What license does a commercial collector need?

Every state does require a license to be a commercial debt collector.

What is the size of the total commercial mortgage debt in US?


Distinguish between bankers debt and ordinary commercial debt?

a)Name of amount due b)demand of repayment

Where is it possible to get a debt consolidation mortgage?

You can get a debt consolidation mortgage from mortgage brokers, commercial mortgage bankers, commercial banks, credit companies, online lenders, savings and loan associations.

What is commercial collection agency?

A Commercial Collection Agency is and agency that collects debt on behalf of their clients, same as a consumer collection agency, but a commercial collection agency collects business to business.

If one is doing well 'financially' what exactly is one successful in doing?

One is doing well financially if they have little to no debt (for example, a mortgage, a credit card debt, or similar types of debt) and if they are making a profit. Extensive savings are also an indicator.

What is a commercial guaranty?

A commercial guaranty is an agreement that is made to pay someone else's debt. Commercial guaranties must be in writing and are typically found in commercial loan transactions.

How are work commercial collection agency?

The commercial collection agency is used in debt collection in the event a debtor fails to.