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Gillian Vigman

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Q: Who is the actress in the united explorer credit card commercial?
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Who is the women that plays the wife in the united mileage plus explorer credit card commercial?

Gillian Vigman

Who is the actress in the united health care commercial?

The daughter with asthma is Alexis Tomlinson

Where could one apply for the United Mileage Plus Explorer credit card?

There is only place where one could apply for the United Mileage Plus Explorer credit card. One needs to apply directly with the Chase financial institution to sign up.

Who is the actress who portrays the mother of the asthmatic surfer girl in the United Healthcare commercial who sort of resembles a young Julie Hagerty?

Cloris Leachman

Who is the actress in the united way commercial?

Her name is Kulap Vilaysack. She was in the episode, A Benihana Christmas, of The Office. She was Michael's girlfriend whom he marked with a sharpie haha.... I just figured this out. I saw the United Way commercial and she was SO familiar, but I couldn't remember where I had seen her before.

What is the name of the actor in the latest united mileage plus explorer commercial?

He reminds me of some child actor who has now grown up....I do not know who however!

Who is the mom in united healthcare boogie board commercial?

I don't know, but she's a cross between country singer Allison Krauss and actress Felicity Huffman.

How does one procure a Chase United credit card?

One can procure a Chase Card card which is connected to United Airlines at the Chase website. The official name of the card is Mileage Explorer Plus. Applications for this credit card are often available in airport terminals too at special kiosks.

Who are the girls in the Halfords top job commersial?

It is unclear who all of the girls are in the Halfords Top Job Auto commercial are. One of the girls is actress and model Francesca Brown from the United Kingdom. She is listed as being the "tattooed girl" in the commercial.

What is the population of United Commercial Bank?

The population of United Commercial Bank is 1,318.

When was United Commercial Bank created?

United Commercial Bank was created in 1974.

What Visa credit cards offer the most rewards?

Some of the best Visa credit cards for getting rewards would be the Capital One Venture Card, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, the Chase Freedom Card, and the United Mileage Plus Explorer.