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Sara mason actress

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Q: Who is the actress in the freesat advert?
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Who is the lady on the freesat advert?

who is the lady in the freesat advert

Who is the blonde in the freesat advert?

usula Andreas

Who is desiree in the freesat advert?

sara mason

Who is the blonde woman in freesat advert?

Sara Mason

Who stars in the latest freesat advert?

ursula andress

Who is blond woman on freesat advert?

Sarah mason

Who is the woman who is 97 in the freesat advert?

Sara Mason

Who is the woman in the freesat 2012 advert?

i think its Lesley Joseph

Who iis the woman on new Freesat advert?

Lesley joseph?

Who is the actress in the new Freesat advertisement?

The actress is Sarah Mason.

Who is the actress who advertises freesat?

ursula andress

Who is 97 year old in freesat advert?

I think its Beverley Callard myself